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My job is to remind you of your magnificence!
I will guide you to move forward to truly create a life you love and help you develop an inner strength and deep unwavering sense of joy, no matter what life brings. 
Let's put Maximum Joy into your life!




Working with a life coach is different than working with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Life coaching is not about diagnosing a mental health condition, prescribing medicine or focusing on the past. Instead, it is about surrendering and understanding the life that you have now and creating change at this moment. It's about learning to move forward, setting goals and creating a life you love.


My job is not to tell you what to do. Rather, I will help you to discover the authentic you, remind you of the person you once were when you felt strong, healthy, confident, hopeful and loved. I will help you break the hold that your ego has on you and help you start living from your soul, purposefully and authentically. You will create your life's circumstances instead of simply reacting to them.



Maximum Joy is about rewriting your narrative, letting go of your present story and writing a new one that is the perfect expression of you."

Kerry Blair, CLC


Together we will address the issues you are currently facing, while making peace with your past. I believe catastrophic events occur to shake us up and wake us up from the inauthentic life we are leading and move us into the life we were born to live.


I will help you to bravely move through your fears and past any obstacles in your way. Using many holistic healing techniques and resources, you will nurture your spirit and your body, feeling healed and empowered. Once you embark on this journey of self-discovery, you will never live inauthentically again. You will find that source of comfort and strength deep within you, your personal Maximum Joy!


I will help you truly create a life you love in all areas. You will flow through life's challenges, knowing you are always divinely guided, loved and protected.


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"My therapist helps me understand my past. Kerry helps me move forward."



"[She] has a very intuitive way of implementing exercises and alternative ways of thinking that give me hope and the knowledge that I will be okay regardless of the outcome."



"Kerry pulls from her vast toolbox of holistic therapies—whether it's Feng Shui, Reiki, crystals, affirmations, essential oils and more—to help guide me to a place of wellness and joy."


Life coaching is about creating more meaningful, happier, fulfilling lives. It's about exploring what you truly want out of life, whatever that may be. Perhaps a new direction in life, increased health and wellness, better relationships, increased confidence, more balance, more courage or maybe you simply want someone to talk to in confidence.


Kerry Blair is a Certified Life Coach who will listen to you and support you to create a life you love, including using various holistic therapies. You can bring any topic to the conversation, be it in your personal life or your professional life. Know that you will be in a safe, confidential, judgement-free place where you can relax, talk freely and truly be yourself.


You can connect with Kerry in person, via Skype or by telephone. 


Life coaching can have a profound, positive impact on your outlook and life.


Kerry Blair offers a number of inspiring and life affirming topics to share at your next event. From corporate functions to girls' night out, from high schools to universities, from fundraisers to networking lunch-and-learns, Kerry can tailor any of her topics to meet your needs and inspire your audience. Just send her an email to get the conversation started. 

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