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The purpose of our lives is to overcome obstacles, discover our strengths, learn lessons, and develop compassion to genuinely care for and help others and to do all of this with gratitude. Yes, to bless our mess and be grateful for the opportunity it gives us to grow. I have realized that in the midst of every crisis, there really is joy to be found, always something to be grateful for. That is how my mantra became Maximum Joy.


Maximum Joy is about learning to react to circumstances with love, facing our fears and reaching for our highest good. We can sit back and react to the chaos around us or we can learn to visualize and manifest our circumstances. It's about believing in our divine power. We can begin to discover our souls' purpose and fulfill it.



Maximum Joy is a daily practice of gratitude. It is about consciously looking for that sliver of light in the darkness, reveling in the moment, holding on to what soothes your soul in the quietest of ways. It is a conscious choice to find 

joy in every single day, no matter what. We can open our eyes and hearts to the beauty that surrounds us, finding joy in nature or music, our child's smile, an inspiring idea, a friend's hug, a great slice of pizza. Maximum Joy is knowing and believing that we are divinely guided and protected and that our life is unfolding as it should. Trusting in that.



Maximum Joy is a daily GRATITUDE practice—body, mind and spirit. It is a life changing and life affirming way of living."

Kerry Blair, CLC



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