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Your F.E.A.R. Story

Your FEAR Story – It is time to write a new story. Our imagination is a powerful thing. When we are faced with a crisis, we often let fear overtake us. We create stories in our heads that are completely fear-based and then project those stories into our future as if they were fact. F.E.A.R stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. We imagine our child dying from the diagnosis, instead of fully recovering. We imagine our husband with a smarter, sexier, funnier, younger woman. We imagine, being destitute, instead of finding a job we love. We imagine that we will be a damaged adult forever because of our awful childhood, instead of a person capable of great forgiveness and endless opportunities to make our lives better. Fear is ego based and fear keeps us trapped in an endless cycle of pain. We tell ourselves a story based in fear and that becomes our narrative. I am going to challenge you to look at your life from an alternative perspective and rewrite your narrative, to stop the F.E.A.R–based thoughts and replace them with a positive new story to create a life you love.

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